A Careful Analysis of Honda NSX


Honda’s super-sports icon is reborn as a ground-breaking hybrid any wonderful and stupendous cars have emerged from Japan since Soichiro Honda’s firm launched the S500 in 1963, but none of them has resonated internationally with the force or sheer mystique of the NSX. Conceived in the mid-1980s pomp of Honda’s (and Japan’s) supreme confidence that … [Read more…]

New Honda Civic Type R Ready for 2017


Honda wants the new Civic Type R-previewed in Paris by a thinly veiled concept-to be the “best-ever front-wheel-drive hot hatch” when it goes on sale late next year after a Geneva show debut in March. Honda kept technical details close to its chest at Paris, but Autocar understands the Civic Type R will remain front- … [Read more…]

Honda NSX: Technology And Comfort Combined

There’s so much tricked-up tech jammed under the NSX’s Gundam-inspired lightweight skin that the technology blogger GQ shared a car with at the model’s Portuguese launch wept, openly, every time he pushed the buttons to switch between ‘Quiet’, ‘Sport5 and ‘Track’ modes. These options gradually engage the entirely electrifying combination of battery-packed motors and a … [Read more…]

Honda FC Sport


By definition concept cars are meant to be impressive examples of cutting-edge automobile design that challenge established boundaries in the quest to discover the next step forward. As such, they often grab centre stage at motor shows — none more so than the bizarre Honda FC Sport that became an instant star of the 2008 … [Read more…]

Honda NSX – 1990


Don’t go looking for one of these super sports cars in Hong Kong or North America, where the moniker of choice was the Acura NSX. But everywhere else an enquiry for a Honda NSX will be met by the sharp intake of breath that acknowledges that something rather special has been mentioned.

Honda CR-X Si – 1988

Honda-CR-X Si - 1988

The regularity with which US motor trade papers honoured Japanese cars during the late 1980s is professional testament to the technical prowess that Japanese engineers brought to contemporary design. Motor Trend named the Honda CR-X Si ‘Import Car of the Year’ for 1988. The praise was worthily won. The whole CR-X series was a category-busting … [Read more…]

Honda Civic – 1972


The Honda Civic name has been around for a long time, with the badge adorning a basic sub-compact car from the early 1970s until the mid-1990s and thereafter a more luxurious compact. The first generation Civic was launched in 1972 and lasted until 1979, with a redesigned second generation model carrying the evolutionary series forward … [Read more…]

Honda Prelude – 1978


Throughout the 1960s Honda’s quirky little 5800 sports car had provided a touch of performance frivolity against the solid backdrop of the well-built economy cars that were the Japanese company’s stock in trade. The 1970s proved the value of that sober approach, establishing Honda as a major international exporter, but with that job safely done … [Read more…]

Honda S800 – 1966

Honda S800 - 1966

Japanese car manufacture after World War II was initially shaped by regulations that favoured the smallest of cars. Motorcycle maker Honda was keen to move into car production and showed a tiny S360 two-seater concept car at the 1962 Tokyo Motor Show.