New Mercedes-Benz E-Class & Honda WR-V

GOING UP AGAINST the Hyundai i20 Active and the Fiat Urban Cross, Honda will soon launch a Jazz- based crossover called the WR-V. Unlike its competitors, the WR-V looks totally different from tire Jazz, especially at the front. As with all such ‘cress hatches’, it sports rugged body cladding, skid plate, and roof rails to … [Read more…]

The Bright and The Bully – Volkswagen I.D vs Honda Civic Type R


Volkswagen is planning a squeaky clean future.. luckily Honda still knows how to make them mean Well, it hardly takes a professor of automotive semiotics to decipher what’s going on here. The signs are clear. There’s something of the night about the Honda. Wearing brushed-black paint, it gesticulates with razor-edged aerodynamic aids and shouts with … [Read more…]

2016 Honda Civic Type R

EXPECTED DELIVERY: 2017 PRICE: TBA, BUT LESS THAN $50K SPECS: 2.0-LITRE TURBOCHARGED VTEC ENGINE WITH MORE THAN 230kW AND400Nm Rarely has a marque needed excitement more desperately than Honda, which long ago began to resemble a pipe and a pair of slippers on wheels.

Honda Civic MK 10 2017 – The Origin of The New Type R


A clue to how good the new Type R promises to be lies in the surprisingly passionate rhetoric Honda has thrown at the standard 2017 Civic. It has, they claim, undergone “dynamic rejuvenation”. They want it to be a proper driver’s car, targeting those elusive younger buyers whose patronage would banish Honda’s hard-to-shake “blue rinse” … [Read more…]

Honda Civic MK 10 2017


The Mk10 Civic is the biggest single-model development in Honda’s history. Bigger, cleverer and as sharp to drive as a Focus? We’ll let them have two out of three… New is potentially the most overused adjective in the automotive lexicon, used to put a gloss on something that’s merely refreshed, tweaked or preened. But the … [Read more…]

Honda CR-V 2017 in Brief


SUV has been given evolutionary redesign, and we drive it in US, where it’s a big hit Honda CR-V has never been as big in the UK market as it is in the US, where it’s the best-selling SUV; Americans buy nearly twice as many CR-Vs each month as Brits do in a year. So … [Read more…]

Honda Accord Hybrid

This is the ultimate, most refined and technologically sophisticated Accord to date”, that’s the all-new, ninth-gen Accord Hybrid in Honda’s own words. And it isn’t at all claim by any means. The tech-laden Accord has the Toyota Camry Hybrid in its sights and considering the Camry’s popularity, Honda has burnt the mid-night oil to make … [Read more…]