Honda’s First EV Here In 2019

HONDA HAS CONFIRMED that a production version of the Urban EV Concept will be produced in 2019. The electric car, the Japanese manufacturer’s first for Europe, is built on a new, dedicated electric platform and “sets the direction for the technology and design” of its future EVs.

Is Honda NSX Really A Junior Porsche 918?

ON 22 JULY 2014, SOMETHING HAPPENED THAT made my life a little simpler. It ironed out a wrinkle of uncertainty that had always snagged the smooth running of any conversation heading towards a particular, job-related question. The best car I’d ever driven? Not a clue. Over the years I’d lied, hedged, sat on the fence … [Read more…]

Honda NSX: The Fearless Rival Of Porsche?

ENCRUSTED IN A GRITTY CARAPACE OF SALTY winter crud, the NSX is a long way from the dazzling vision of hybrid technology and immaculate engineering that you might expect of Honda’s halo car. Here, high up on the North York Moors, a week’s worth of driving is crystallising – literally and metaphorically-into thoughts and feelings … [Read more…]

Honda Civic Type R Finally Hits British Roads

The Type R has landed. Faster, stronger, more powerful and more advanced than any of its forebears, the hot Civic is now rolling off its Swindon production line. This fifth-gen version is the first in more than a decade to move back to all-independent suspension and the first to be developed as a performance car … [Read more…]

Honda Civic Type R Is Back And More Furious Than Ever


It’s a Monday morning on the German autobahn network, somewhere in the rural east The new Honda Civic Type R is cruising at 240km/h, 30km/h short of its potential, perpetually frustrated in its attempts to reach maximum velocity by traffic on this two-lane stretch towards Leipzig.

Honda Civic Type R 2018 Preview


What it is: A hard-edged Civic track car for the street. Honda doesn’t do surprises anymore, so the new R plays to type with big power, a big wing, and a little red H on its nose. More important: no hybrid, no all-wheel drive, and no automatic transmission.

New Mercedes-Benz E-Class & Honda WR-V

GOING UP AGAINST the Hyundai i20 Active and the Fiat Urban Cross, Honda will soon launch a Jazz- based crossover called the WR-V. Unlike its competitors, the WR-V looks totally different from tire Jazz, especially at the front. As with all such ‘cress hatches’, it sports rugged body cladding, skid plate, and roof rails to … [Read more…]

The Bright and The Bully – Volkswagen I.D vs Honda Civic Type R


Volkswagen is planning a squeaky clean future.. luckily Honda still knows how to make them mean Well, it hardly takes a professor of automotive semiotics to decipher what’s going on here. The signs are clear. There’s something of the night about the Honda. Wearing brushed-black paint, it gesticulates with razor-edged aerodynamic aids and shouts with … [Read more…]