Holden FX


At the end of World War II, Australia had a problem—an acute shortage of cars and a newly civilianized army with money to burn. Loaded with government handouts, General Motors-Holden came up with a four-door, six-cylinder, six-seater that would become an Australian legend on wheels.

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Holden EFIJY


Since swaggering onto the scene at the Australian International Motor Show in 2005, muscles rippling, the Holden EFIJY concept car has travelled the world attracting admirers eveywhere. This wildly exaggerated tribute to the 1953 Holden FJ — and American bathtub styling of the same era — is a spectacular beauty and no doubt the occasional tear has trickled because this fabulous machine will never go into production.

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Holden Hurricane


Typically forthright, the Australian Holden car company announced the Holden Hurricane of 1969 as ‘Tomorrow’s Holden’. It was the new Research and Development team’s first creation, and it was conceived to show off and demonstrate the ‘design trends, propulsion systems and other long range developments’ of which Australia itself was capable.

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