Ford 1949 Custom – 1949

Ford 1949 Custom

At last! Ford’s 1949 model year saw the glitzy launch of a whole new range of cars at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Hotel New York, effectively representing the company’s first serious step forward for nearly a decade and once again bringing Ford level with the competition.

Ford V-8 Super DeLuxe Sportsman – 1946

Ford V-8 Super DeLuxe Sportsman

It seemed that many American cars were inauspiciously launched for 1941, just before civilian car production was switched to war work. So it was with Ford, who stretched their two-line range to three, with the entry-level Special and superior DeLuxe joined by the most expensive of all — the Super DeLuxe.

Ford Model 48 – 1935


This characteristic mid-1930s car marked the end of Henry Ford’s love affair with the sturdy four-cylinder engine that had served the company so well for so long, and the triumphal confirmation of a new long-term partner.

Ford Model B/18 – 1932


The first Ford Model B appeared in 1904 – one of the company’s earliest products. The second coming of the Model B was in 1932, when Ford produced and sold around 118,000 of these typical Bonnie-and-Clydemobiles, developed from the Model A.

Ford Model T – 1908


Cheerfully dubbed ‘Tin Lizzie’ or ‘Flivver’, the foundation of the Ford Motor Company’s mighty automotive empire was the Model T, introduced in 1908. The world’s first affordable automobile changed the face of America, kick-starting an industry that generated rapid economic growth in the USA (and beyond, for the Model T was manufactured in 11 other … [Read more…]