Ford Escort Mk I – 1967

Ford Escort Mk I 1967

Although used to identify an estate car version of the Ford Anglia 100E, and appearing on various Ford cars sold in North America, the Escort name started writing a long chapter in the history of European motoring with the debut of the Ford Escort Mk I in late 1967. The long-running Ford Anglia’s replacement had … [Read more…]

Ford Mustang – 1964


The first generation Mustang was a revelation. Despite an inspired promotional campaign, Ford’s most successful launch since the Model A in the 1920s still gave the Dearborn behemoth a pleasant surprise as ‘Mustang Mania’ swept the nation. Year One-and-a-half projections (the launch came midway through the 1964 model year) anticipated sales of 100,000 units, but … [Read more…]

Ford GT40 – 1965

Ford GT40 - 1965

Every competitive carmaker in the 1960s wanted to poke the all-conquering Maranello boys in the eye. Ford was no exception, fuelled by Enzo Ferrari’s abrupt termination of negotiations to sell his company to Ford. Whilst the decision to go head-to-head with Ferrari came from slighted Henry Ford II in America, design-and-build work took place in … [Read more…]

Ford Bronco – 1966

Ford Bronco - 1966

This gallant 30-year veteran was finally pensioned off in 1996, but not before going through five evolutionary stages. The first generation half-ton Ford Bronco lived from 1966 to 1977, and —choose your acronym — this compact ORV (Off-Road Vehicle) or SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) was launched as a competitor for the Jeep CJ and Harvester … [Read more…]

Ford Lotus Cortina – 1963

Ford Lotus Cortina - 1963

Although it was technically a variation on the Ford Cortina Mk I theme, the brilliant Ford Lotus Cortina deserves an entry all its own. This was one of the most interesting British saloon cars of the 1960s, making its debut in 1963 as the result of a partnership between Ford and Lotus Cars.

Ford Cortina Mk 1 – 1962

Ford Cortina Mk 1 - 1962

As the Swinging Sixties got into gear, Ford was smarting from the mauling it was receiving from the trendy car of the moment — BMC’s iconic Mini. Ford couldn’t afford to retool to produce a competitive small car, so the company went with what it knew best — a new family saloon. The Cortina Mk … [Read more…]

Ford Galaxie Starliner/Sunliner – 1960

Ford Galaxie Starliner-Sunliner - 1960

Ford’s big Galaxie first appeared in 1959 as the model line for Ford’s top-of-the-range, full-sized cars. All sorts of Galaxies would appear over time, from high-performance muscle cars down to solid family saloons, but 1959 was a bad year to launch a new model, marking the last convulsions of over-the-top auto design in late-1950s America.

Ford Zephyr Mark II

Ford Zephyr Mark II

By the middle of the 1950s Ford of Britain was reaching its industrial zenith. Success at every market level was maintained by constant innovation and improvement. With its Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac range, Ford had already struck gold in both sales and motorsport. A Mk I Zephyr (originally known as the Zephyr Six) had won the Monte Carlo … [Read more…]

Ford Thunderbird – 1955

Ford Thunderbird - 1955

Think the Pacific surf thundering in, and the Coast Highway glinting silver, snaking past the sun splashed canyons. The Thunderbird — the ‘T-Bird’ of legend — was born to the infectious upbeat of Jan & Dean and the Beach Boys, synonymous with youth and fun and the fulfilled promise of a comfortable post World War … [Read more…]