Ford Nucleon


The Big Three of 1950s Detroit car makers all had elite design teams charged with transforming half-baked dreams into roadgoing realities. Ford’s Nucleon seized the high ground of the Atomic Age by suggesting a brave new world in which the internal combustion engine was replaced by a small nuclear reactor!

Ford Focus Mk 2 ST – 2005

Ford Focus Mk 2 ST - 2005

Every carmaker loves a massive best-seller, and Ford has been basking in the warm glow of worldwide Focus sales figures since the model launch back in 1998, and the successful debut of the all-new Mk 2 cars in 2004. One hallmark of a successful series is the ability to offer buyers almost infinite choice within … [Read more…]

Ford Puma – 1997


The Ford Motor Company in Europe was rather pleased with the impact of its New Edge design strategy in the late 1990s, first fruit of which was the highly individual Ford Ka. People either loved or hated this controversial small car, but Ford definitely liked the waves made by their daring style initiative and decided … [Read more…]

Ford Escort RS Cosworth – 1992


It was the most illustrious — and exclusive — Ford Escort of all. Just over 7,000 Escort RS Cosworths were built in five years, and they remain the most desirable of performance Escorts. They replaced the Escort RS Turbo in the prestigious Ford Rallye Sport series.

Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 – 1987

Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 - 1987

In 1982, Ford dumbfounded the motoring world by replacing the ultra-conventional and best-selling Cortina with the relatively refined Sierra. In 1985-6, it produced further shocks by reviving its association with race-engine manufacturers Cosworth, to make competitive rally and Group A racing versions, designated RS.

Ford Escort Mexico – 1970


One of the clever evolutions of the Ford Escort Mk 1 was the Mexico road car. The works team’s Ford Escort RS1600s won the Daily Mirror World Cup Rally and also finished third, fifth and sixth. The winning car was driven by Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm who conquered a gruelling 16,000 mi (25,750 km) … [Read more…]

Ford Torino GT Convertible – 1970


One of the hardest tasks in American life during the 20th century must have been choosing a new car – especially a Ford. American manufacturers in general and Ford in particular delighted in being cavalier with the use of model names and loved offering endless permutations that must have left potential buyers with spinning heads. … [Read more…]

Ford Granada Mk I – 1972


The Ford Granada was launched in 1972 as a large executive saloon and/or capacious family car, replacing both the Zephyr and Zodiac in the UK and Taunus 20M and 26M in Europe. It was a truly European production number, being made both at Dagenham in the United Kingdom and Cologne in Germany.

Ford Escort RS1600 – 1970


Technically this may be a variation of the Escort Mk I, but the Ford Escort RS1600 is a distinctive predator that would feel insulted to be lumped in with its decent but undoubtedly tamer siblings. For this was the fearsome competition car that battered the opposition into almost total submission from the early 1970s.

Ford Capri Mk 1 – 1969

Ford Capri Mk 1 - 1969

The European idea of a perfect pony car (long front, short back) was the Ford Capri — or more accurately it was Ford Europe’s idea. The recently created conglomerate launched this trendy car in 1969, hoping to emulate the Mustang’s success in North America. The Capri was based on the Cortina platform and had common … [Read more…]