Ford Mustang vs BMW M235i vs Lexus RC200t


There different approaches to the rear-drive coupe concept. With £35,000 in your back poket, which is the one to have? Wherever you care to look, the automotive industry seems to be convergning on the same technical solutions. Hypercars must have some form of hybridisation, hot hatches are powered by four-cylinder turbo engines, supersaloons run twin-turbo … [Read more…]

Ford Edge Sport


The market for SUVs continues to boom, and Ford is keen to get in on the action, so it has introduced its largest model yet, the Edge. The new car sits above the Kuga and EcoSport in the brand’s SUV range, but rather than being a good-value alternative to premium-badged offerings such as the BMW … [Read more…]

Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 (1967)


Looking back from our era of environmental sensitivity, it’s amazing to remember a time when you could buy this sort of stomach-churning horsepower straight from the showroom floor. What’s more, if you couldn’t afford to buy it, you could borrow it for the weekend from your local Hertz rent-a-car. The fact is that the American … [Read more…]

Ford Mustang (1965)


This one hit the ground running–galloping in fact, for the Mustang rewrote the sales record books soon after it burst onto the market in April, 1964. It really broke the mold, for it was from the Mustang that the term “pony car” was derived to describe a new breed of sporty “compacts.” The concept of … [Read more…]

Ford Thunderbird (1962)


It was no accident that the third-generation T-Bird looked like it was fired from a rocket silo. Designer Bill Boyer wanted the new prodigy to have “an aircraft and missile like shape,” a subtext that wasn’t lost on an American public vexed by the Cuban crisis and Khrushchev’s declaration of an increase in Soviet military … [Read more…]

Ford Galaxie 500XL Sunliner


In ’62 Ford was selling its line as “America’s liveliest, most carefree cars.” And leading the lively look was the bright-as-a-button new Galaxie. This was General Manager Lee Iacocca’s third year at the helm, and he was pitching for the young-guy market with speed and muscle. Clean-cut, sleek, and low, the Galaxie line was just … [Read more…]

Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner


Ford raised the roof in ’57 with their glitziest range ever, and the “Retrac” was a party piece. The world’s only mass-produced retractable hardtop debuted at the New York Show of ’56, and the first production version was presented to a bemused President Eisenhower in ’57. The Skyliner’s balletic routine was the most talked-about gadget … [Read more…]

Ford Thunderbird (1955)


Chevy’s 1954 Corvette may have been a peach, but anything GM could do, Ford could do better. The ’55 T-Bird had none of the ’Vette’s fiberglass nonsense, but a steel body and grunty V8 motor. Plus it was drop-dead gorgeous and offered scores of options, with the luxury of windup windows. Nobody was surprised when … [Read more…]

Ford GT40


To apply the term “supercar” to the fabled Ford GT40 is to demean it; modern supercars may be uber cool and ferociously fast, but how many of them actually won Le Mans outright? The Ford GT40, though, was not only the ultimate road car but also the ultimate endurance racer of its era, a twin … [Read more…]

Ford GT90


Every manufacturer of state-of-the-art sports cars hopes people might think it of their latest flyer — but in 1995 Ford actually said it about theirs. Yes, according to the proud producer the Ford GT90 was the world’s mightiest supercar’. No question.