Ford Mustang: Caught In The Act

She’s been nicknamed ‘Bluebell’. I know, not the most macho of names for a 5.0-litre, manual V8 Mustang but Grabber blue is very blue, so it kind of just stuck. And finally we’ve upgraded from the (admittedly excellent) winter tyres to something a little stickier… 19in Pirelli P Zeros, to be exact, in 275/40 and … [Read more…]

Ford Fiesta ST200 Has Sharper Teeth

Ford Fiesta ST200-1

Hot new Fiesta ST200 gets 212bhp on overboost and revised suspension to hone its dynamic appeal Ford has created a more powerful and focused version of the Fiesta ST. The Fiesta ST200, unveiled at the Geneva motor show, will reach the UK in limited numbers in the summer. The ST200 hot hatch uses a tuned … [Read more…]

Discover The Incredible Power Of Ford Focus RS

CAMOUFLAGE, SECRET TEST locations, PR denials in the face of overwhelming evidence… Mostly, car manufacturers conceal new-model testing, so it’s unusual that Ford commissioned a documentary to chronicle Focus RS development. There’s marketing puff, but proper fly-on-the-wall moments too: a car breaking, engines failing, deadlines missed, all of it on YouTube. Towards the end of … [Read more…]

Mountune Focus RS M380


Performance Fords and aftermarket tuning are such natural companions that it’s hard to be sure where one ends and the other begins. In the case of Mountune, a kind of semi-official tuning arm to Ford in the UK, the line is even blurrier. What’s clear, though, is that the new Focus RS is ripe for … [Read more…]

FORD GT 2017


Shivering in a windswept car park next to Las Vegas Motor Speedway in near sub-zero temperatures, we watch as a pair of the USAir Force’s finest fighting machinery, F-22 Raptors, slingshot into the crystal blue winter sky out of Nellis Air Force base. Engines on full reheat, every metallic sinew stretched to near breaking point … [Read more…]