Abarth 124 Spider

I love classic cars , so I’m a little protective when a car manufacturer relaunches something from their past. It’s a genuine relief, then, when I first see the new Abarth 124 in the metal.

Fiat Tipo: A New Generation Of Greatness

Fiat might have been concentrating on city cars, crossovers and even a sports car of late, but the Tipo marks the Italian manufacturer’s return to the family hatchback class. Of course it will have to go up against the might of the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra, but in reality the Tipo is more likely … [Read more…]

The ressurection of Tipo – Fiat Tipo 2016


The Fiat line-up is starting to resemble the Marvel Cinematic Universe with old badges being rebooted left, right and centre. First there was the Panda and 500, and now the 124 and Tipo. In the case of the latter Fiat has chosen to revive the name of a 30-year-old hatchback rather than making yet another … [Read more…]

A Careful Analysis of Fiat 124 Spider


No matter what you think of how it came about or how it looks, the 124 Spider is a good idea. Fiat’s line-up has been devoid of desirable froth for too long, and – at least from an enthusiast point of view – it’s a shortfall that can’t be made up with yet another 500 … [Read more…]

Fiat Tipo 1.6 MultiJet Lounge


Family hatchback offers Volkswagen Golf space at a Volkswagen Polo price Fiat’s new Tipo is a rather interesting proposition when you consider the tumultuous marketplace that it’s trying to break into. With consumers increasingly shunning conventional hatchbacks and MPVs for SUVs, manufacturers have responded in one oftwo ways: investing in new mid-sized platforms, like Seat … [Read more…]

A Careful Analysis of Fiat Tipo


Model tested: 1.6 Multijet II 120 Lounge Price: £17,995 Power: 118 bhp Torque: 236lb ft 0-60mph: 9.6sec 30-70mph in fourth: 9.9 sec Fuel economy: 49.1mpg C02 emissions: 98g/km Fiat goes back to the future with its news, 1980s-inspired family hatchback Delving into its recent past has become something of a habit for Fiat. Since the … [Read more…]

Abarth 124 Spider – Abarth Team Puts Its Magic Hands On Fiat 124 Spider


It seems the world has gone crazy for SUVs, crossovers and high-riding hatchbacks, so it’s refreshing to drive a new drop-top sports car. It’s even nicer to drive a new small, Italian sports car, even if the Abarth 124 Spider isn’t exactly all-new or, for that matter. All-Italian. The Abarth is the more performance-orientated version … [Read more…]