Ferrari Daytona – 1968

Ferrari Daytona - 1968

Everyone calls it a Ferrari Daytona, but of course they’re wrong – it’s really the 365 GTB/4. Daytona it is, then. This late 1960s stunner was just that, representing a radical departure from everything that went before.

Ferrari 275 – 1964

Ferrari 275 – 1964

After production of the soaraway Ferrari 250 GTO ended in 1964, the 275 series arrived to delight admirers of the Prancing Horse. First to gallop was the shapely 275 GTB coupe with a flowing body designed by Pininfarina and produced by Carrozzeria Scaglietti. The twin cam engine came with a choice of three or six … [Read more…]

Ferrari 250 GTO – 1962

Ferrari 250 GTO - 1962

This red car is a blue-chip investment — for in the excessive world of classic-car investment the Ferrari 250 GTO is as valuable as they come. It falls into that glamorous category of racers that can be driven on the road by those lucky enough to afford one. Actually it should never have made the … [Read more…]

Ferrari 410 Super America – 1957

Ferrari 410 Super America - 1957

Though Europe was still struggling back to its economic feet in the early 1950s, its enthusiasm for glamour was already shaping Ferrari’s success. Of course, only a chosen few, even among the wealthy, could hope to drive one of the stream of fabulous race and road cars the company produced; and most of them were … [Read more…]

Ferrari 166 Inter – 1948

Ferrari 166 Inter - 1948

For all that it was sporty, the Ferrari 166 Inter 2+2 fixed-head coupe was not the sort of growling supercar that later became the hallmark of the ‘Prancing Horse’ factory at Maranello. But then this was Ferrari’s first road car, being based on the 125 S and 166 S racing cars with coach built bodywork, … [Read more…]