Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – 2006

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano - 2006

The endless quest for perfection ensured that a Ferrari model rarely lingered longer that it took to sell the modest production run. And so it was with the splendid 575M Maranello and its glamorous derivative, the 575M Superamerica. Four years was all it took (just two for the Superamerica) before high-powered wheels turned and delivered … [Read more…]

Ferrari F430 Spider – 2005

Ferrari F430 Spider - 2005

Come in to my parlour, said the Spider . . . and the rich sporting driver duly obliged, tempted by one of the most delectable of Ferrari’s 21 road-going convertibles. The Spider is derived from the mid-engined F430 coupe, which in turn is a fairly obvious evolution of the F360. No matter, the F430 Spider … [Read more…]

Ferrari Enzo – 2003


Strictly speaking, the correct model name is the Enzo Ferrari but, as this leads to confusion with the founding father, most refer to the magnificent machine as the Ferrari Enzo, or simply the Enzo. This Pininfarina-designed supercar was built to celebrate the company’s first Formula 1 World Championship of the new millennium, but named as … [Read more…]

Ferrari F50 – 1995


How long does it take to celebrate a 50th Anniversary? In the case of Ferrari, the run-up to the big day in 1997 took two years, which is the time it took to produce and sell the 349 cars in the limited F50 series, which was created to celebrate the company’s first half century of … [Read more…]

Ferrari 550 Maranello – 1996

Ferrari 575 - NC6935

It may be too soon to mention immortality but if ever a Ferrari can be expected to become an enduring classic, it’s the fabulous 550 Maranello. Why? Because this was the supercar that returned to its roots. Forget the mid-engined stuff that always made old Enzo Ferrari so nervous — the 550 Maranello was a … [Read more…]

Ferrari 456 GT/GTA – 1992


When the Ferrari 456 GT made its debut at the Paris Motor Show in 1992, everyone noticed — and not just because the show car was painted in a pleasing shade of metallic blue rather than traditional Ferrari rosso. No, it was instantly apparent that this was one of Pininfarina’s best-ever designs for Maranello. The … [Read more…]

Ferrari Testarossa – 1984


With a pedigree as exalted and refined as any Arab stallion, the Ferrari Testarossa is one of the most beautiful and memorable cars ever made. Its name honoured the spirit of Ferrari’s fabulous 1957 sports racer, the Testa Rossa (Red Head’), and it replaced the 4.9 litre 512 BB (Berlinetta Boxer) of 1973, with the … [Read more…]

Ferrari F40 – 1987

Ferrari F40 - 1987

It was the ultimate swansong. Conceived and named to celebrate Ferrari’s forty glorious years of production, it was the last Ferrari built under Enzo Ferrari’s direct supervision. Enzo, of course, determined that it would be the world’s fastest production car, and it was. Completely street-legal, you could drive it to the racetrack, compete and (probably) … [Read more…]

Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer – 1973


The Berlinetta Boxer (BB) series produced by Ferrari from 1973 to 1984 marked a major policy shift at Maranello. Much like another autocratic automobile supremo before him — Henry Ford — Enzo Ferrari could stubbornly refuse to sanction a progressive move. So it had been with the thorny question of mid-engined road cars. Even after … [Read more…]

Ferrari Dino 246 GT/GTS – 1969

Ferrari Dino 246 GT-GTS - 1969

When is a Ferrari not a Ferrari? Answer — when it’s a Dino. Old Enzo Ferrari’s son Alfredo (aka Dino) was an accomplished engineer who was to be his father’s successor at Maranello, but sadly muscular dystrophy carried him off in 1955 at the age of 24. Enzo was heartbroken, but carried on ruling his … [Read more…]