‘Entry-lever’ V8 Ferrari GTC4 Is Go

THE Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is now available with the 3.9-litre turbo V8 from the 488 GTB, and it debuts at this week’s Paris Motor Show. The entry-level GTC4 Lusso T will ditch the V12’s four-wheel-drive system in favour of a rear-driven set-up. It will retain its sibling’s rear-wheel steering system, while the dynamic control setups … [Read more…]

Ferrari 488 GTB


There comes a time in every photoshoot when light is fading and there’s a mad scramble to beat the sunset and capture the golden light. It doesn’t seem to matter that the photographer and I have each had two decades to get our schedule organized around the arc of the sun. Every time, however, we … [Read more…]

Ferrari California T Handling Speciale


When the Ferrari California first launched in 2008, it earned some pretty mixed reviews. While its name harked back to the classic VI 2-powered open-top machines of the sixties, the fact it had an electric folding hard-top, front-mounted V8 and rear-drive configuration raised questions as to whether it was a genuine Ferrari. Then the introduction … [Read more…]

Ferrari Enzo


The V12 carbon-fiber Enzo is a million-dollar wild child and the most flamboyant Ferrari ever. Good for 226 mph (364 km/h) and capable of 0–100 mph (0–161 km/h) in only 6.6 seconds, the initial production run of 349 units was completely sold out before a single car ever got near a showroom. Ferrari was forced … [Read more…]

Ferrari 456 GT


A used Ferrari 456 is one of the world’s great supercar bargains. For the price of a new, hot Ford Focus you can have a beautiful 186 mph (300 km/h) grand tourer that’s also a reliable and practical full four seater. Strong and capable with a fine ride and a glorious V12 engine, the 456 … [Read more…]

Ferrari Testarossa


The Testarossa was never one of Modena’s best efforts. With its enormous girth and overstuffed appearance, it perfectly sums up the Eighties credo of excess. As soon as it appeared on the world’s television screens in Miami Vice, the Testarossa, or Redhead, became a symbol of everything that was wrong with a decade of rampant … [Read more…]