Ferrari 488 Special Edition


What it is: Proof of the glorious insecurity that motivates the Maranello folk. The 488GTB already leads its segment in both speed and excitement, but the forthcoming stripped-and whipped version will be even quicker and more thrilling. Its predecessors have been named Speciale, Scuderia, and Challenge Stradale, but we’re predicting l’ultimo 488 will carry a … [Read more…]

Ferrari F355: The Journey Of A Lifetime

THE CAIRNGORMS MUST SURELY BE ONE OF THE most beautiful places on the planet. Whether you’re standing in the shadow of Braemar Castle, dazzled by the sunlight dancing off the River Dee or, like today, on a surprisingly brisk autumnal morning, high up in the mountains with the impression of standing on top of the … [Read more…]

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Aperta


Ferrari can’t help themselves. They’re always building extremely limited-run uber-expensive open-top versions of their models. In 2014 alone they gave us the F60 America (10 built) and the 458 Speciale A (499 built). For their current Spider (project Aperta), Ferrari have not revealed how many will be built (we’re betting less than 100), but apparently … [Read more…]

Ferrari’s Masterpiece – LaFerrari Aperta


The legendary Italian brand marks 70 years with its greatest supercar ever, the $2.2 million Aperta The picturesque northern Italian town of Maranello is the birthplace of arguably the finest performance marque in automotive history. At the security gate of the secretive factory, visitors are greeted with a sign, bold and simple: a large rectangle … [Read more…]

Ferrari LaFerrari Goes Topless With No Shame


Dallas Cowboys fans always used to say the roof of the Cowboys stadium opened so God could watch his favoritc team. Maybe God wanted a peck inside Ferrari s ultimate road car, too. The 218-mph, 949-horscpowcr hybrid-electric LaFerrari will soon be available with a removable roof.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

EXPECTED DELIVERY: EARLY 2017 PRICE: $578,888 SPECS: 6.2 LITRE V12, S07kW, 697Nm, OTO 100km/h IN 3.4 SECONDS A Ferrari with four seats seems as unnecessary as an outdoor toilet in a high-rise apartment block. But then there’s much that’s absurd about the new Lusso, from the vast size of its engine to its ‘passenger screen’ … [Read more…]

Ferrari F12 TDF – The Name of An Untamed Beast


The 770bhp Ferrari F12 TDF is ferocious, aggressive and as unforgiving as a wronged mobster Running hard uphill, I can see the corner in the distance. But there is still time, time for one more shift, one more opportunity to run that 6.3-litre V12 to 8900rpm, to hear and feel the 770bhp pouring from its block … [Read more…]

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Gets Turbo V8

The turbocharged V8 engine of the Ferrari California T has been fitted to theGTC4Lusso to create a new entry-level four-seater called the GTC4 Lusso T. Although it’s fundamentally the same unit, the 3.8-litre V8 engine has been reworked for the Lusso T to produce 602bhp at 7500rpm and 560lb ft of torque between 3000rpm and … [Read more…]