Facel Vega II


When someone like Pablo Picasso chooses a car, it is going to look good. In its day, the Facel II was a poem in steel and easily as beautiful as anything turned out by the Italian styling houses. Small wonder then that Facels were synonymous with the Sixties’ jet set. Driven by Ringo Starr, Ava … [Read more…]

Facel Vega II – 1961

Facel Vega II - 1961

This magnificent French car was boldly advertised as ‘the fastest four-seater coupe in the world’, and was Facel Vega’s last throw of the dice —the company was facing bankruptcy and hoped the Facel II would be a big winner. It was certainly an imposing hand-built car, and the use of American V8 engines ensured that … [Read more…]