De Tomaso Pantera – 1970


If anyone were foolish enough to claim that the De Tomaso Pantera (a Panther in England) came from any country but Italy, they would instantly be branded as a liar —this stylish flyer is quite clearly a quintessentially Italian sports car. But appearances can be deceptive. Beneath that wedge-shaped fastback body lurked a powerful Ford Cleveland V8 engine, so the Pantera represented a unique cross between cutting-edge Italian styling and American muscle-car performance. Introduced in 1970, it would remain in limited production for more than two decades, initially aided and abetted by a formal tie-up with Ford of America that sold Panteras through the Lincoln-Mercury network. Continue reading “De Tomaso Pantera – 1970”

De Tomaso Mangusta – 1967

De Tomaso Mangusta - 1967

It’s nearly as familiar a story as boy meets girl — racing driver decides to build ultimate roasters. And so it was when Argentinian racer Alejandro de Tomaso migrated from the USA to Italy with his American wife in the late 1950s. He played around with assorted racing cars but really wanted De Tomaso Automobili to create stunning sports cars. After suffering various failed prototypes and false starts he finally came up with his first winner — the Mangusta.

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