Buick Riviera – 1963

Buick Riviera - 1963

The Riviera was Buick’s answer to the Ford Thunderbird — a ‘personal luxury’ car that gave the Thunderbird its first real competition and became a long-running success story. The ‘Riviera’ tag had first been coined in 1949 to describe a two-door pillarless hardtop.

Buick Limited – 1958

Buick Limited - 1958

Back in 1942 when World War II rudely interrupted American car production, the massive Buick Limited models were the most expensive this mid-market company produced, riding sedately on the longest wheelbase and having lavish interiors. The ‘Limited’ designation was appropriate, as these exclusive limousines and touring sedans sold in small numbers.

Buick Super – 1940

Buick Super - 1940

The ‘Super’ description was no brash boast. In that automobile status league everyone understands, the Buick was a symbol of upper-middle-class prosperity, offering near-Cadillac quality at a thrifty discount. Buicks were big, comfortable and solidly made.

Buick Century – 1936


1936 was a good year for Buick, with the entire model range being successfully redesigned by the brilliant Harley J Earl and relaunched with suggestive new names.

Buick Roadmaster – 1936


This is a respected name in US automotive history, for when Buick revamped its model range in 1936 as America started to emerge from the Great Depression, ‘Roadmaster’ was the title chosen for newcomers designed to replace the company’s former Series 80 model.