Bristol Blenheim 3S – 2001

Bristol Blenheim 3S - 2001

Is it a World War II British light bomber or is it a car? Trick question —it’s both. The Bristol Blenheim bomber was made by the Bristol Aeroplane Company, which helped co-found Bristol Cars. That company made the Blenheim grand touring car through the 1990s, with the revised Blenheim 3 appearing in 1999 and remaining … [Read more…]

Bristol Fighter 10 – 2002

Bristol-Fighter-10 - 2002

It was shaped by a Formula 1 designer. It’s exclusive. It’s original. It’s hyper-fast. It’s a Great British supercar. It’s the Bristol 10. Following in the tradition of naming cars after aircraft, the Bristol Fighter 10’s inspiration was a sturdy World War I biplane. Ironically, the car is capable of cruising at a higher speed … [Read more…]

Bristol 400 – 1947

Bristol 400 - 1947

When is a Bristol not a Bristol? In the case of the Bristol car company, which started production after World War II, the answer is ‘when it’s really a BMW’. For though the sinuous Bristol 400 touring car did indeed bear a Bristol badge, it borrowed heavily from the prewar BMW 328, which the German … [Read more…]