BMW 1 Series Coupe/Convertible – 2007

BMW-1-Series-Coupe-Convertible - 2007

As entry-level motoring goes, the BMW 1-Series isn’t the least bit shabby — au contraire, it’s rather dashing. It replaced the 3-Series in the aspirational ‘become-a-BMW-driver-you-lucky-person’ role back in 2004, allowing that popular line to ascend one rung up BMW’s lengthy model ladder. The first offering was the E87, a five-door hatchback on its own … [Read more…]

BMW E60 M5 – 2005


Pick a letter — say M — and put it together with a number — say 5 — and what have you got? Lovers of performance cars know the answer, for the BMW M5 has been burning rubber since it was introduced in 1985. This souped-up special is made by BMW Motorsport and has shadowed … [Read more…]

BMW E53 X5 – 1999


What’s the difference between SAV and SUV? Obvious! The Sports Activity Vehicle is a big passenger car that can go off road with some authority when necessary, whilst a Sports Utility Vehicle is a big passenger car that can go off road with some authority when necessary. The reason BMW was so keen to claim … [Read more…]

BMW M3 – 1986


The BMW M3 is the most successful example ever of racing homologation creating an internationally-acclaimed road car. Its genealogy is straightforward. The M3 is a high performance version of the BMW 3-series compact, based on the E30; but its racing engine has a broad pedigree in BMW motorsport. The engine’s basic block layout derives from … [Read more…]

BMW Z1 – 1988


The glaring eccentricities of the BMW Z1 are a wonderful testament to the confidence of the company. For the Z1 was conceived with no rationale other than to test new ideas which might later prove to be valuable. A two-seater compact roadster at first seems to limit opportunities for research, but the Z1 merely miniaturized … [Read more…]

BMW 6 Series – 1976


The first BMW 6 series appeared in the mid-1970s to replace the 2800 CS, 3.0 CS and 3.0 CSi coupes. The new E24 chassis was introduced in 1976 and that first 6 series would remain in business until the late 1980s. The clean, crisp styling by Paul Bracq was certainly up to the job, remaining … [Read more…]

BMW M1 – 1978


The only mass-produced mid-engined BMW to be manufactured —and the first of the company’s famous ‘M’ cars — owed its public availability to that demanding master, homologation. BMW had entered into an arrangement with Lamborghini to produce sufficient road versions to homologate a competition car for Group 5 sports car races. Prototypes were designed and … [Read more…]

BMW 3.0 CSL – 1971


In order to participate in Group 2 European Touring car racing, BMW had to homologate the big six-cylinder CS coupes for track use, and therefore created the 3.0 CSL series, with the L standing for ‘lightweight’. The high-performance road-going version made no concession to comfort. The car was based on the pillarless steel body shell … [Read more…]