BMW i3


The BMW i3 has always been one of our favourite EVs because of its pace, low running costs and futuristic styling – and now BMW has upgraded the batteries from 60Ah to 94Ah, giving the car extra range and faster charging. Faster charging is now standard on all versions, too. The electric car has a … [Read more…]

BMW 740e


On paper, the BMW 740e plug-in hybrid’s abilities are barely believable. It promises to accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.4 seconds, emit a mere49g/km ofC02 and return 134.5mpg. Yet it does this while still offering all the comfort and equipment you’d expect from BMW’s flagship. It’s what the stats don’t tell you that impresses most, though. … [Read more…]

BMW Starts From Pole Position With M5 Competition Edition


BMW has announced a run-out Competition Edition of the M5. The super-saloon sees power and torque boosted by 40bhp and 20Nm, to 592bhp and 700Nm respectively. There’s a bespoke M-Performance bodykit, black wheels and embroidered leather upholstery. The chassis has also been tweaked for sharper handling, while the new car benefits|from a big upgrade in … [Read more…]



The M1 – a simple name, a simple concept. M stood for Motorsport GmbH, BMW’s separate competition division. And the number one? Well, this was going to be a first, for this time BMW was not just going to develop capable racers from competent sedans and coupes.



One little letter can make so much difference. In this case it is the L at the end of the name tag that makes the BMW 3.0CSL so special.

BMW 507


Who would have thought that in the mid-Fifties BMW would have unveiled something as voluptuously beautiful as the 507? The company had a fine pre–World War II heritage that culminated in the crisp 328, but it did not resume car manufacturing until 1952, with the curvy, but slightly plump, six-cylinder 501 sedan.

BMW i8 2015

The i8 is a drop-dead looker, and a scintillating-driving 4WD sports car. It’s also a fuel-sipping plug-in hybrid. In a mid-mounted position behind the cabin is a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine, highly turbocharged for 231bhp.