EXPECTED DELIVERY: RUMOURED 2017 PRICE: EST. $300,000 SPECS: 1.5 LITRE THREE-CYLINDER PETROL ENGINE PLUS ELECTRIC MOTOR The super hybrid with a hard roof made its debut in 2014, and the Spyder variant, as we’re assured it will be called, was expected to follow soon after. Since then we’ve been teased with concept version sat motor … [Read more…]

The Essence of B-ing – BMW M2


We’ve found the UK’s twistiest B-road. Time to deploy the UK’s most suitable car Pick a B-road. Any B-road. It doesn’t really matter. You could throw all the numbers into a hat and select at random. You could add some science: the longest, the B6318, runs for 61 miles; the most northerly is the B9087, … [Read more…]

M2 Lite – BMW M240i


We say: new engine, more power and better noise. Could be BMW’s best car The M235i, which was a pretty damn good small sports coupe, has got a new engine and a new, even more meaningless badge, which along with updated, sharper iDrive, is the only visual giveaway. But let’s not get convoluted. The genius … [Read more…]

New Engine, Same Style – BMW M240i Coupe 2016


Less than 12 months ago the M235i was riding high. Occu­pying a unique position as a premium hot coupe but with purist appeasing rear-wheel drive, it was the right size, more than fast enough and far from silly money. Then the M2 rocked up with its bulging pecs and tore it a new parking space. … [Read more…]

BMW Come With Big Targets For Their new 5 Series


For more than four decades, the BMW 5 Series has been fighting it out at the top of the competitive executive car class. Yet in recent years, the current model has been overtaken by newer rivals from Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes. However, BMW is not taking these defeats lying down – and it has just … [Read more…]

Power Move – BMW M760Li


One of the most anticipated cars of 2017, the BMW M760Li takes the pioneering 7 Series in a supremely luxurious direction The future of luxury exists where the twin worlds of prestige and performance combine. The M760Li is that rare combination. Uniting BMW’s signature “M” power and the cosseted comfort of the 7 Series, it … [Read more…]

Give Us a High Five – BMW 5-Series Prototype


BMW’s exec hero returns disguised as a shrink-wrapped 7-series. Merc and Jag are hoping it can’t be that good. In final pre-production guise, we drive it. If there ever was a mule which did not need the full camouflage treatment, then this is it. The new BMW 5-series, code-named G30, is anything but a breakthrough … [Read more…]

BMW’s Operation Codenamed G29 and The iProject Put The Bavarian Factory Among The Supercars’ Producers


Think BMW has given up on sports cars? Think again. Development is intensifying on a two-seat roadster to replace the Z4, and a flagship coupe reviving the 8-series badge won’t be far behind. Finally, and ultimately, a mid-engined supercar is proposed for 2019. That’s one hell of a triple whammy. Today’s Z4 roadster quietly passed … [Read more…]