BMW X5 xDrive25d

Those looking for the spaciousness and commanding view an off-roader offers without the disadvantages of high fuel consumption and clumsy handling that are normally associated with these types of vehicles would do well to look into a BMW X5 xDrive25d.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Engines: Innovative, Refine Changes

WHEN IT COMES TO DIESEL engines, Singaporean customers tend to approach this technology with scepticism and apprehension. They can hardly be blamed as in decades past, punitive taxes dissuaded any notion of diesel passenger car ownership. To compound the issue, what little exposure most of us had to diesel cars was limited to underwhelming taxis … [Read more…]

2017 BMW 5 Series Touring Loses Weight and Gains More Space


BMW’s new executive load-lugger gets improved interior space; on sale in June BMW’s most practical estate yet, the new 5 Series Touring, is larger and more spacious than its predecessor, but around 100kg lighter. The car has been revealed in pictures ahead of its debut at the Geneva motor show next month.

Batteries Updates for BMW in 2026


New tech will make them lighter and boost their capacity, says BMW BMW expects a breakthrough in battery technology in 2026, by which time it plans to have solid-state batteries ready for production in its models.

BMW 5-Series: More Spacious And Much Better To Drive

THE 5-SERIES HAS been a strong seller for BMW globally and this new seventh-generation promises to take things to the next level. Its exterior and interior design are mom evolutionary than revolutionary, with several little changes that you might not notice at first glance.

BMW Eyeing 1-Series Sedan For India

BMW’s 1-series, its first front-wheel-drive sedan, has just gone on sale in China. Previously BMW had claimed that the new 1-series would not be sold in any other markets. But now the company seems to have had a change of heart. When asked about the car, Ian Robertson, BMW’s head of sales and marketing, said, … [Read more…]