BMW M4 CS: Is The Car We All Crave?

We admire its muscle-car looks, performance potential and rear-drive chassis. Being a product of M GmbH also infuses it with a desirability that rivals are still some way from achieving. Yet it’s been a struggle to wholly fall for the M4. Its biturbocharged 3-litre straight-six has the punch to fire it down a road and … [Read more…]

BMW 530D MSport: There’s Just A Lot Of Fun

APPARENTLY THE CAR I’M DRIVING is a ‘business athlete’. I’ll interpret that as an executive sedan fit for CEOs and top management of companies that ate doing very well indeed. Supposedly, most of them like to siting the rear seat and transact business while getting chauffeuted around. So my review has to make sense to … [Read more…]

BMW M760LI XDrive: Luxury, Speed And Technology

We’ve driven this new BMW M760Li xDrive as it should be driven and as one would assume many prospective buyers might: a full 700-mile international slog from Megeve in the French Alps back to Blighty. The car borrows the 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 from the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Although the engine has been detuned slightly, its 601bhp … [Read more…]

Updated Luxury For A Perfect Ride

For the first time since it launched the i3 in 2014, BMW has revised its electric hatchback. It’s improved the city car’s performance and treated it to a new, more powerful battery, which has increased its range. Here we’re driving the Range Extender version of the i3, which has a 0.6-litre two-cylinder petrol engine working … [Read more…]

BMW M140i Gets More Power

OUR YEARS IS a long time in the highly competitive world of the hot hatch, so BMW has treated its pocket rocket to a variety of mechanical upgrades to help it compete with newer rivals, such as the Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic Type R and Seat Leon Cupra 290.