BMW 2002 – 1968

BMW 2002 - 1968

The 2002 is a seminal car. It not only saved BMW from insolvency but put the BMW marque on par with top German manufacturers like Volkswagen. The world (and especially the US) was already primed for high-powered but nimble small sports saloons and BMW filled the niche to perfection with the 2002.

BMW 3200 CS – 1962

BMW 3200 CS - 1962

Designed as the successor to the BMW 503, the exceedingly handsome 3200CS four-seat sports tourer was BMW’s top-range model in 1962. The body was designed and built by Italian car stylist Gruppo Bertone then freighted to BMW in Germany for mounting on the 503 chassis.

BMW 507 – 1956

BMW 507 - 1956

After nearly going bust in the late 1950s, BMW recovered to become a giant of the international automobile industry, but it was a close-run thing. The car that did the damage and pushed the Bavarian outfit to the brink was the BMW 507.

BMW-Isetta – 1955

BMW-Isetta - 1955

In the aftermath of World War II the extraordinary Isetta made an appearance — a tiny minicar capable of meeting the need for affordable transport at a time when raw materials (and money) were scarce. This unmistakable vehicle was introduced in 1953 and with its hinged front, teardrop shape and small proportions was unlike anything … [Read more…]

BMW 328 – 1936


First buy the BMW company, then you may get to drive a 328 Mille Miglia – if you ask very nicely. This stupendous vehicle now lives in the company museum and was the culmination of the Bavarian Motor Works’ effort to produce the finest sports car of the 1930s.