BMW 750Li M Sport Is More Entertaining Than Ever

We were mighty impressed with the new 7 Series when we first drove it last year. It was a big step up from the previous-gen 7 and is properly equipped with every weapon to take on the Mercedes S-Class. Things that we were really fascinated with were the key fob and the auto parking feature, of course, apart from the luxuries the backseat has to offer. Continue reading “BMW 750Li M Sport Is More Entertaining Than Ever”

Could BMW 5 Series Be The Best Car Out There?

There is little need for introductions here or even any real debate on the key question. The new BMW5 Series, launched a few months ago and in the UK for the first time, is really good. The odds on it not being so were always fairly slim. BMW, like a nation state fretting over the health of a high street bank, does not entertain the idea of its flagship exec failing. Continue reading “Could BMW 5 Series Be The Best Car Out There?”

BMW M760LI XDrive: Luxury, Speed And Technology

We’ve driven this new BMW M760Li xDrive as it should be driven and as one would assume many prospective buyers might: a full 700-mile international slog from Megeve in the French Alps back to Blighty. The car borrows the 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 from the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Although the engine has been detuned slightly, its 601bhp and 5901b ft wouldn’t look out of place in a supercar. Indeed, this is currently the fastest-accelerating model BMW produces, bar none. Continue reading “BMW M760LI XDrive: Luxury, Speed And Technology”

Updated Luxury For A Perfect Ride

For the first time since it launched the i3 in 2014, BMW has revised its electric hatchback. It’s improved the city car’s performance and treated it to a new, more powerful battery, which has increased its range. Here we’re driving the Range Extender version of the i3, which has a 0.6-litre two-cylinder petrol engine working as a generator to provide back-up charging for the battery. Together, the engine and battery provide an official 276 miles of range, or around 231 miles in real-world driving. Continue reading “Updated Luxury For A Perfect Ride”

BMW i8: Luxury, Comfort And Speed

LIFE IS FULL OF contrasts, and contrasts don’t get much bigger than walking away from six months of RS6 Performance custodianship and into a BMW i8. From 605hp, 4 litres, eight cylinders and two turbos to 15 litres, three cylinders, 265hp and one 96hp electric motor Drive s till goes to all f our wheel s, but with the BMW having two fewer gears to shuffle, that is where the similarities begin and end. Continue reading “BMW i8: Luxury, Comfort And Speed”

BMW X2 Preview


What it is:  A rebodied derivative of the BMW X1, slightly less practical and more sporty-looking. Sort of what the X4 is to the X3, the X6 is to the X5, and blonde Rihanna is to natural Rihanna. It’ll have a low-slung shooting-brake roofline, a windswept shape, and, down the road, there might even be a convertible version.

Continue reading “BMW X2 Preview”

The New BMW 1M

IS IT ANY SURPRISE THAT THE BMW 1-series M Coupe is fast approaching modern-classic status? After all, it ticks every box. It was the first proper M-car to use turbocharging, it had a manual six-speed gearbox and looked so pumped that the World Anti-Doping Agency had serious questions to ask of BMW’s design office. It was rare too – just 450 came to the UK. Continue reading “The New BMW 1M”

BMW 116d – This Car Feels Every Inch Properly

HERE ARE SOME CARS that you can assess in a reasonably short amount of time while other take a little longer. The latter applies to the car tested here namely because diesel-powered cars never seem to run out of fuel. Typically, local motoring journalists only have a day with a test car in this period, the fuel gauge hardly moves by the time the car is returned and so it is not easy to get a first-hand sense of its real world fuel consumption. Continue reading “BMW 116d – This Car Feels Every Inch Properly”

BMW TwinPower Turbo Engines: Innovative, Refine Changes

WHEN IT COMES TO DIESEL engines, Singaporean customers tend to approach this technology with scepticism and apprehension. They can hardly be blamed as in decades past, punitive taxes dissuaded any notion of diesel passenger car ownership. To compound the issue, what little exposure most of us had to diesel cars was limited to underwhelming taxis that often emitted black soot from their tail pipes and the clatter of engines could be heard long before the car ever came into view.

Continue reading “BMW TwinPower Turbo Engines: Innovative, Refine Changes”

Electric Automotive Innovations: Is This BMW’s Future?

BMW WANTS TO BE CONSIDERED A technology brand as much as it does a car manufacturer. In a speech during a showcase of BMW’s future product plans – there’s an i8 Spyder coming in 2018 and improved batteries (in terms of range and output) for both it and the i3 – Dr Ian Robertson, board member for sales and marketing, explained how the company’s move into autonomous driving and the digitalisation of how we connect with our car will see the German marque focus on digital technology as much as on its next generation of internal combustion engines. Continue reading “Electric Automotive Innovations: Is This BMW’s Future?”