Bentley Azure – 1995


The success of the Bentley Continental R made the debut of a convertible version inevitable — and the Azure duly made a grand entrance at the Geneva Motor Show in 1995. This magnificent open-top touring car was based on the Continental R, but fully justified Bentley’s decision to classify it a separate model with a … [Read more…]

Bentley S2 Continental – 1959

Bentley S2 Continental - 1959

The Bentley Continental S1 had done well for Rolls-Royce — as did the companion Silver Shadow I — but times they were a-changing. In particular, the bell tolled for the venerable straight-six F-head, for Rolls introduced a 6.2 liter aluminum V8 that immediately went into uprated Bentley S2s and Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud IIs.

Bentley S1 Continental – 1955

Bentley S1 Continental - 1955

When the Bentley marque enjoyed a healthy revival after World War II, parent company Rolls-Royce was heavily into badge engineering the Bentley S1 was identical to the Silver Cloud 1, with no more that the distinctive R-R radiator distinguishing the two luxury cars.

Bentley 8L – 1930


It was the last of the line – arid the most impressive. The 8 liter Bentley made its debut at the Olympia Motor Show in 1930 and caused a sensation. It was the largest car hitherto made in Britain and a serious competitor for the Rolls-Royce Phantom II.