Bentley Bentayga STARTECH


Something tells us that, just as it happened with the Cayenne, the new Bentley SUV will be prey to numerous tuners, ready to put more power under its hood and even more brutality to such a massive look that knows any kind of compromise. Of course looking back at the first concepts, Bentley has clearly … [Read more…]

Bentley Continental Supersports


The 2003 Continental GT with its magnificent W12 engine changed Bentley forever. Compact, rapid, reliable, and fashionable, the Conti (to use its street name) is one of the Crewe firm’s most admired products and brought the Bentley brand to a younger customer.

Bentley Flying Spur


Arguably the most beautiful postwar Bentley, the Flying Spur was the first four-door Continental. Initially, Rolls-Royce would not allow builder H. J. Mulliner to use the name Continental, insisting it should only apply to two-door cars.

Bentley R-Type Continental


In its day the Bentley Continental, launched in 1952, was the fastest production four-seater in the world and acclaimed as “a modern magic carpet which annihilates distance.” The R-Type Conti is still rightly considered one of the greatest cars of all time. Designed for the English country gentleman, it was understated, but had a lithe, … [Read more…]

Bentley Hunaudières


No sooner had Volkswagen acquired Bentley than the German company made it clear that its new prize had a glamorous future in store. The 1999 Geneva Motor Show was chosen for the first appearance of a new Bentley concept car, the Hunaudières.

Bentley Continental GT – 2003


Folk were puzzled when Volkswagen bought Rolls-Royce Motors . . . without the right to use the name. The Rolls-Royce trademark had been sold to BMW in a cut-throat side deal. VW saved face by insisting that it only really wanted the sporty Bentley marque (not true!) and has proceeded to prove the point by … [Read more…]

Bentley Brooklands Coupe – 2008


Out went the Mulsanne and Bentley Eight, in came the Brooklands as Bentley’s top model. This full-sized luxury saloon was very much a product of the time when Rollers and Bentleys were identical, apart from the minor styling differences needed to differentiate one from the other. That was back in 1992, and when Volkswagen took … [Read more…]

Bentley Continental R – 1991


Finally, in 1991, Rolls-Royce Motors got around to creating a Bentley that owed nothing to a Rolls-Royce sibling, apart from the engine. The Continental R cashed in on popularity the resurgent Bentley marque had been enjoying since the early 1980s, and also plugged the gap left in the corporate range by the demise of the … [Read more…]