Audi S5


Neither a rumbling V8 nor a revvy supercharged V6 could make the first-generation Audi S5 feel like a proper drivers’ car. The chassis was too wooden, the steering too lifeless and the balance far too uninteresting for It to ever engage and reward In the way a sports coupe should, With less weight and a … [Read more…]

Audi S4


We are big fans of the previous-generation Audi S4. Its supercharged V6 had real character, the optional torque-vectoring rear Sport differential created a neutral balance that could be adjusted under power, and the suspension had a fluency that made the pulverising chassis setup of the fester RS4 feel rather overwrought. Having driven and enjoyed the … [Read more…]

Audi Q7 E-tron


Given the current trend for SUVs, plus buyers’ growing appetite for plug-in hybrids, the new Audi Q7 e-tron could be arriving in the UK at just the right time. It’s the first Audi SUV to get the e-tron treatment – pairing a 254bhp 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine with a powerful 94kW electric motor and an … [Read more…]

Audi RS6 Will Get Porsche Power?


The next Audi RS6 could be powered by the newly developed 4.0-litre v8 twin-turbo used in the new Panamera. Porsche powertrain expert Dr Thomas Gunther told: “Audi is free to use our V8 for its cars.” If the Porsche-developed 4.0 litre V8 is selected for the new RS6, this car will be the firstr Audi … [Read more…]

Audi Quattro Sport


One of the rarest and most iconic Audis ever built was the 155 mph (250 km/h) Quattro Sport. With a short wheelbase, all-alloy 300 bhp engine, and a body made of aluminum-reinforced fiberglass and Kevlar, it has all the charisma, and nearly all the performance, of a Ferrari GTO.

Audi R8 – 2006


Every ambitious car manufacturer in the heady pre-credit-crunch opening years of the 21st century aimed to put a supercar on the road, and Audi was no exception. By 2006 the German company had perfected its pitch to acquisitive city traders. The R8 was a mid-engined two-door sports coupe, which was based on the Le Mans … [Read more…]

Audi RS2 Avant


Q-ships were innocent-looking merchantmen used to trap enemy submarines in two world wars. Their harmless appearance caused predatory subs to surface with a view to sinking defenceless quarry without wasting a precious torpedo, at which point the Q-ship’s hidden armament was revealed and the biter was bitten. The principle was pretty much the same when … [Read more…]

Audi TT – 1998


When Audi unveiled the TT coupe as a concept car in 1995, public reaction was so ecstatic that a production run was ordered, though in the event this was delayed by tooling problems. By the time the neatly rounded Audi TT 2+2 fastback coupe appeared in late 1998 —soon joined by an equally pleasing two-seater … [Read more…]

Audi 100 Coupe S – 1970


Volkswagen bought Auto Union from Mercedes-Benz in 1965 to acquire the Ingolstadt factory, a new production facility that could be used meet booming orders for Beetles. Consequently, the first instruction from Wolfsburg banned development of Auto Union or Audi models. But designer Dr Ludwig Kraus turned a deaf ear, continuing to develop the Audi 100 … [Read more…]

Audi Quattro


The Audi Quattro is often referred to as the `Ur-Quattro’ (German for ‘Original Quattro’) to avoid confusion with subsequent four-wheel drive Audis. Designed in the late 1970s, the Quattro really stood out from the crowd at the Geneva Motor show in March 1980. It was the first car to combine 4WD with a turbocharged engine … [Read more…]