Audi R8 GT 2010-2011: German Job With Italian Style


Beautiful and brutal, the R8 proved the brand had no limits Airfix had a smaller model range than Audi at the turn of the millennium, but neverthe­less some thought Audi straying into serious sports car territory was a step too for. Their misgiv­ings were misplaced.

2017 Audi RS5 Shakes Hard Its Opponents


When you’re up against cars as formidable as the M4 and C63, you really need to be on your game. Fortunately, the new RS5 is fighting fit Last time Audi took this road, it immediately understeered into the undergrowth. The previous RS5 might have been blessed with one of the finest naturally aspirated V8s in … [Read more…]

Audi RS3 Saloon: Faster Than Ever

When Audi launched the previous RS3 back in 2015, some bright spark at its advertising agency, doubtless tickled pink by the thought of a hatchback with a bisected, turbocharged V10 cylinder bank under the bonnet, had the idea of showing the car being ‘born’ to a tortured, sweat-covered R8 in a two-minute commercial. Setting aside … [Read more…]

Audi Joins Electric Q2 For China

Audi is preparing to launch a new electric version of the Q2 as part of plans to muscle in on China’s so-called new energy vehicle (NEV) strategy, which is targeting seven million part or fully electric car sales a year by 2025, sources at the German car maker have revealed. The electrically powered SUV, which … [Read more…]

Audi RS5: Impressive Refinement & Comfort

THIS IS A CAR THAT has to cover a broad range of uses, explains Stephan Winkelmann, Audi Sport’s cool-as-a-cucumber CEO and the man ultimately responsible for the success of the all-new, second-generation RS5. ‘Our owners drive these cars every day, and so want com fort as well as high performance. The RS5 is the gran … [Read more…]

Audi Q3 30 TFSI Comes With A Petrol Motor

AUDI HAS BEEN bullish on their SUVs ever since the Q7 struck gold in the film fraternity. But petrol SUVs it didn’t do, as there wasn’t any demand for them in our market. How times have changed though. The Q3 is available with a petrol engine now but with a sceptic’s heart. Audi hasn’t gone … [Read more…]

Audi A8 Is Now More Muscular

Audi claims the new A8 to be its most advanced and sophisticated ever. It really needs to be if it wants to fight the amazing BMW 7 Series and the recently upgraded Mercedes-Benz S-Class (yet to be launched in India). The model is important as the technological advances will be filtered down to other cars … [Read more…]

Audi RS3 Saloon: Will It Maintain Its Appeal?

As a versatile hot hatch, the Audi RS3 has always been close to the top of the podium. If you want a quick, luxurious and secure all-weather machine that offers decent levels of practicality and reasonable running costs, it’s hard to ignore Ingolstadt’s junior performance car. But we’ve always struggled to gel with the five-pot … [Read more…]

All-New Audi A5 Sportback Has Gained Space And Pace

WITH TWO EXTRA doors and a more practical boot than the A5 Coupe, the current A5 Sportback has been a real hit with buyers. So it’s no surprise that the second-generation model is an evolution of the original with a few key improvements. Chief among them are new mechanical underpinnings that make the Sportback longer, … [Read more…]