AMC Pacer


The 1973 fuel crisis hit America’s psyche harder than did the russians beating them to space in the Fifties. Cheap and unrestricted personal transportation had been a way of life, and then America suddenly faced the horrifying prospect of paying more than forty cents a gallon. Overnight, stock in car manufacturers became as popular as Richard Nixon.

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AMC Matador Coupe – 1974


Would a car manufacturer ever tell a little white lie? AMC’s marketing campaign certainly did in 1971, assuring the world that the Matador was an all-new car when it was a face-lifted 1970 Rebel. There was, however, a wide choice of engines and four body styles — two-door hardtop or coupe, four-door saloon and station wagon. Echoes of AMC’s recent muscle-car adventures remained, with The Machine option package available on the two-door hardtop.

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AMC Pacer – 1975


The oil crisis of the early 1970s put the boys from Kenosha in their element. For AMC was all about producing affordable cars for the masses and swiftly came up with a compact to suit the mood of the moment. The futuristic Pacer had curvaceous lines, lots of glass and a handy hatchback, contrasting with the boxy offerings of most other makers. The little car quickly acquired the nickname ‘Jellybean’. Continue reading “AMC Pacer – 1975”

AMC Rebel Machine


The Rebel name had been around since the late 1950s as a ‘special’ with a big engine and the American Motors Corporation’s mid-sized Rambler bore the name from 1967 until 1970. And that was the one-and-only year the extraordinary AMC Rebel Machine was offered to the performance fraternity. The great champion of economy cars for the masses had finally caught muscle-car fever after dipping a toe in the water with the 1969 SC/Rambler developed with Hurst Performance. Continue reading “AMC Rebel Machine”

AMC AMX – 1968

AMC AMX - 1968

By the late 1960s the American Motor Company (AMC) was in deep trouble financially. It was the era of the ‘muscle car’, when Ford, General Motors and Chrysler were engaged in ferocious rivalry for market dominance. AMC didn’t have the resources to keep up with the Big Three but, in a last-ditch bid to snatch back some market share, it produced the AMX.

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