Alfa Stelvio For The SUV’s Speed Record


Alfa Romeo claims its new SUV will eclipse all rivals on performance in 503bhp Quadrifoglio guise; on sale early next year, priced from around £40k Alfa Romeo’s new four- wheel-drive Stelvio Quadrifoglio, unveiled at the Los Angeles motor show in November 2016, stands to be the fastest SUV yet built, its makers claim. The 503bhp … [Read more…]

New Metal – Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

After a century in business, Alfa gets round to building an SUV. And it’s based on The Giulia… How unnervingly refreshing it is for us to bring you news of all-new Romeo – the first SUV ever to carry the Alfa name, no less, and not have to awkwardly tiptoe around the likelihood that it’ll … [Read more…]

Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior Spider


Driven by Dustin Hoffman to the strains of Simon and Garfunkel in the film The Graduate, the Alfa Spider has become one of the most accessible cult Italian cars. This is hardly surprising when you consider the little Alfa’s considerable virtues: a wonderfully responsive all-alloy, twin-cam engine, accurate steering, sensitive brakes, a finely balanced chassis, … [Read more…]

Alfa Romeo BAT Series


By the early 1950s the frenetic developments in rocketry and aeronautical engineering were beginning to be absorbed by the front runners in motor sport and car design. Alfa Romeo teamed up with the specialist Italian design house of Bertone with the single aim of exploring the lowest possible drag coefficient for a functioning car.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione – 2007

Alfa-Romeo-8C-Competizione - 2007

The Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003 saw the first appearance of an ab-fab Alfa Romeo two-seater coupe. Although its rounded body and streamlined profile were thoroughly modern, the prototype 8C Competizione had styling cues that harked back to great Alfas of the 1930s and 1940s and the name was a direct reference to the 6C … [Read more…]

Alfa Romeo Brera – 2005


The gorgeous Brera concept car was shown at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show, powered by a Maserati V8 engine and sporting unusual doors that opened upwards. The reception it received was positive enough to encourage Alfa to plan a production run. The first cars appeared in 2005 and, although the Brera looked exactly like the … [Read more…]

Alfa Romeo GTV6 – 1981

Alfa-Romeo-GTV6 - 1981

Alfa Romeo’s reputation could never be said to rest on reliable engineering. Alfas have always been about looks and speed — cars that are built to impress rather than to last. By the late 1970s, this notorious lack of dependability was beginning to seriously affect sales of the popular Alfetta four-cylinder rear-wheel drive saloon. Rather … [Read more…]