Abarth 124 Spider

I love classic cars , so I’m a little protective when a car manufacturer relaunches something from their past. It’s a genuine relief, then, when I first see the new Abarth 124 in the metal.

Abarth 124 Spider

Without much warning, Abarth’s 124 Spider has touched down in South Africa with a footprint as light as the car itself. The surprise newcomer of 2016 will be content as a low-volume, niche seller with driving thrills and exclusivity at its owner’s behest. The charm here is weight. Every possible gram cleaved from the 124’s … [Read more…]

Abarth 124 Spider – Abarth Team Puts Its Magic Hands On Fiat 124 Spider


It seems the world has gone crazy for SUVs, crossovers and high-riding hatchbacks, so it’s refreshing to drive a new drop-top sports car. It’s even nicer to drive a new small, Italian sports car, even if the Abarth 124 Spider isn’t exactly all-new or, for that matter. All-Italian. The Abarth is the more performance-orientated version … [Read more…]