Bristol Fighter 10 – 2002

It was shaped by a Formula 1 designer. It’s exclusive. It’s original. It’s hyper-fast. It’s a Great British supercar. It’s the Bristol 10. Following in the tradition of naming cars after aircraft, the Bristol Fighter 10’s inspiration was a sturdy World War I biplane. Ironically, the car is capable of cruising at a higher speed than many modern light aircraft.

This majestic performance coupe owed nothing to any previous Bristol and was created from scratch as a supreme marriage of form and function. The Bristol Fighter 10 is one of the most aerodynamically efficient sports cars ever made, with a teardrop-shaped cabin and extensive curved glass screens front and back for excellent all-round vision. Gullwing doors provide easy access and once inside comfort has not been sacrificed on the altar of performance. The interior is beautifully finished, has leather sports seats and offers ample room for even the largest pair of occupants.

An all-aluminium 8 litre V10 engine sits up front. It’s based on the one in the Dodge Viper, extensively modified to suit the Fighter 10’s specific requirements. This cleverly gains power at high speed thanks to an aerodynamically induced supercharging effect. A six-speed manual box gets the Fighter 10 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in first gear, and no time at all. A strong chassis and roll cage provide protection even in the event of severe impact. Handling is agile and a low centre of gravity ensures limpet-like roadholding, whilst sophisticated independent suspension smooths out the bumps.

In 2004 the Bristol Fighter 10S became available with a super-tuned normally aspirated V10 engine, whilst from 2006 the Bristol Fighter 10T with turbochargers offered the best power output yet. If it hadn’t been electronically limited, the Fighter 10T’s top speed would be around 270 mph (425 km/h). Some car!






7,994 cc V10 Twin Turbo


Bristol Fighter 10T — top speed of 225 mph (362 km/h); 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.5 secs


Bugatti eat your heart out — the twin-turbocharged V10 engine in the Bristol Fighter 10T puts out more horsepower than the fearsome Bugatti Veyron (1,012 bhp against 1,001 bhp) … but relax you Bugatti fans, the Veyron is still the faster car (by far) thanks to the 109T’s electronic limiter.


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