Breaking The 3.0 Barrier: 1979-1980 Porsche 3.1-litre SC-L

Given a clear road it takes off with alacrity, reaching 150kph very quickly, perhaps as fast as you would routinely want to go in a 36-year-old car. Cengiz’s 182,000km 911 comes with an interesting history: delivered by Nordrhein Schmitz of Düsseldorf to a Brigitte Schmidt, she ran the car for 160,000km before it was sold in 1993 to a Netherlander, Jak van Bart. The third owner, in 2011, was a dealer who apparently had the metallic blue 911 in his showroom for several years before it was pointed out to him that it was no ordinary SC, and he promptly set about selling it for a rather better price! Cengiz saw the SC-L advertised on the internet and moved quickly: “I had been after an SC-L for years and this car was clearly both genuine and original. I was especially pleased to find it came with its factory Porsche radio: they can cost €2,000 (£1,675) to replace!”

This car has most of the early 911’s simplicity: powered windows and mirrors are present, but the vinyl ‘tombstone seats’ are unencumbered by heavy electric motors and it lacks a sunroof, though a rear wiper is fitted. The blue upholstery has worn well indeed, the driver’s seat still offering good support, and the matching carpet mats are factory items. The exterior paint is also largely original and this attractive 911 has evidently benefitted from living largely undercover. This may help to explain why, more than 35 years after production, the majority of Porschephiles are still unaware of its existence – until now.

Model 3.1-litre SC-L

Year 1979-1980
Capacity 3,122cc Bore & stroke 97mm x 70.4mm
Maximum power 210bhp @ 5,800rpm
Maximum torque 280Nm @ 4,700rpm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Engine modifications
Mahle 97mm pistons; uprated fuel distributor; larger oil cooler; Dilavar studs (exhaust side); 3.3 Turbo’s cylinders and cooling fins
Porsche 915 gearbox with higher fifth ratio
Front Torsion bar, strut/ damper
Rear Torsion bar, strut/ damper
Wheels & tyres
Front 6×15-inch; 185/70/VR15
Rear 7×15-inch; 215/60/VR15
Length 4,291mm
Width 1,610mm
Weight 1,160kg
0-62mph 6.5 secs
Top speed 146mph

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