Boat To Glory – Aston Martin AM37

That lump in the gut when you bungee-jump off a ledge, the heart-stopping sensation that hits you when you catch your crush checking you out, the moment your car went sideways for the very first time – all these instances have one thing in common. Goosebumps.

And if you are looking for a wallop of just that, you need to step into Aston Martin’s excuse for an absolute marine seductress, the AM37 speedboat. Built in collaboration with Quintessence Yachts, it features a sliding roof and hull constructed out of high-tech composite with epoxy resin and carbon structural parts. State-of-the-art vacuum infusion technology has been used to build the entire thing. You can even start the air conditioning, fridge and coffee machine remotely while sipping coffee at the marina or your home. Oh, and the fact that it is powered by two 520hp petrol engines should make you go mushy. Not a bad way to spend 11.2 million USD then.



Get inside and a 15in HD touchscreen awaits you for monitoring engine status and navigation, you can even order things in your kingly or queenly voice, thanks to support for voice navigation.

In driver’s seats:


The AM37 features an electric anchor system along with electrically powered carbon fibre bimini, a sliding deck, a swimming platform, and can comfortably seat eight.


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