BMW X5 xDrive25d

Those looking for the spaciousness and commanding view an off-roader offers without the disadvantages of high fuel consumption and clumsy handling that are normally associated with these types of vehicles would do well to look into a BMW X5 xDrive25d.

At the heart of this BMW Sports Activity Vehicle lays a four-cylinder, 1995cc bi-turbo diesel unit that makes 231hp and an even more impressive 500Nm of torque. To ensure a consistent power delivery, the pair of turbochargers in the xDrive25d work in tandem. The first turbo sends low pressure charge to minimise lag at low revs and optimise fuel efficiency while the second, high-pressure unit comes into play when more power is needed at higher speeds.


To smoothen out the power transition even more, the turbochargers feature variable geometry technology where the pitch of the turbine blades can be automatically adjusted to suit the airflow required at any’ given moment. Previously, this technology was more commonly found in top-end supercars. To make the most of the performance offered by the xDrive25d’s bi-turbo diesel unit, the X5 is endowed with car-like handling capabilities that minimises body roll and other excessive movements that can compromise the driving experience.

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