BMW X2 Probably Will Be Released in 2018

The BMW X6 is a sportier, swoopier version of the X5. Ditto the X4 to the X3. And so we come to today’s new micro-niche, the new BMW Concept X2, which is, as you guessed, a sportier version of the X1.

It’ll share a platform with that X1 – which is also used for the 2-Series GT and Mini Countryman – and likely come with all of the X1’s 2.0-litre petrol and diesel-engined offerings, in various power outputs.

Looking at the Concept X2’s enormous grille, huge air intakes and “muscular” surfaces, surely an X2 M is on the way… Expect to see the production version – which will carry the same outline, only with less concept garnish – in 2018.

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