BMW The Vision Next 100 – The Future Sounds Electrifying

ADRIAN VAN HOOYDONK – Senior Vice President, BMW Group Design


“If you can imagine the future, you’ve made the first step,” says Adrian van Hooydonk. To run the design department of a car company these days isn’t just about drawing future-friendly wrappers for the vehicles. Van Hooydonk acts as a seer across the whole gamut of experiences through which a future customer might touch his company.

He thinks about the way new forms of mobility will change our relationships with cars, and new forms of ownership – or non-ownership – in the case of car sharing. He’s re-imagining the ways connectivity will transform our journeys, and corralling that transformation into new interfaces. He’s figuring out how we’ll use our time in cars when we no longer need to drive, but also ensuring that at times we’ll still want to take control.

And amidst all the change, van Hooydonk has to imbue the whole thing with an essence of his brand to make sure his customers still feel instinctively that they’re touching BMW rather than any rival.

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