BMW M5: Everything You’ll Ask For Christmas!

Totally new, even if at first sight may seem the exact opposite. The brand new M5 will soon arrive on our roads, strong of a series of updates that will make it a serious star of your Christmas wish list. Prices starting at around € 118,000, 600 horses and all wheel drive, indispensable to safely tamper with such a power, but the icing on the cake is represented by the fact that if you mind, you can just press a button and make the M5 a wild beast, just like the previous model, distributing traction on the sole rear wheels.

The driving modes of the M xDrive system are 5, while the dual clutch gearbox has 8 gears and will have the difficult task of managing 750 Nm of torque. To stop a 3.4-second 0-100 kph missile, you can opt for a special braking system in composite material and, if you spec the right voices, exceed 300 per hour. All this will come from the top of a five-seat comfortably sedan equipped with any imaginable comfort, a spacious trunk and an aesthetic look that seeks to keep an ordinary appearance, despite the four tailpipes at the back and the huge alloy. BMW has never been so damn serious, we are confident that the dual nature of this new M5 is just the prelude to an unmatched driving experience.

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