BMW M4 Takes Performance On Its Highest German Heights

The extra hor­ses compared to the previous model are just a handful, but the delivery of its 431 hp is what makes the experience different, but equally ef­fective. It pushes like a supercar, but it reacts to the inputs as you would expect, always keeping the M3 V8 on the stage of comparisons. By di­sabling traction control and pushing down the throttle, the rear wheels tire desperately try to put down the power and end up spinning from second to third gear too – a little dangerous but extremely satisfying. Brakes are glorious, the chassis seems stuck to my body and without the slightest uncertainty its ton and half mo­ves from one curve to the other without ever unbalancing the center of gravity of the car.


The speed I reach is crazy, I would never have expected it and on more than one occasion I would have preferred an additional step to fur­ther tighten the suspensions, but in the end, for the action that this kind of road allows me, all of this is enough. The exhaust is not as drama­tic as the V8, nor metallic like the 6-cylinder of the legendary E46, but when you climb the revs scale approaching the limiter, everyone will turn their head and you won’t drive the M4 as before. Of course, just press a button, a simple plastic square centimeter, to disengage the violent side of this beast and cruise re­laxed and with an average fuel consumption of 8.3l/100km but that’s not the case here. I wrap my hands on the thick crown of the three-spoke steering wheel and with the perfect view of the world around, I leave a bit of rubber on some of the hectic and memorable miles of my life.

The M4 is not an easy car, no way – the first time you go full throttle you might end up against a tree and start doubting ‘bout your “Sunday Driver” skills, thanking that electronics that saved for the millionth time your neck and your reputation. This is true – point that on the fridge – but it is also true that when I decide to dive more into it and turn off traction con­trol, going to induce oversteering situations, I find myself controlling the rear with the tip of three fingers.

The ease with which you main­tain a controlled drift during a spacious corner and the quickness needed to straighten the car, without the slightest pendulum effect, blends the cards on the table, making me understand that the balance and the M4s responsiveness is something pretty extraordinary’. Yes its a bit too sober, it may need an aftermarket exhaust system and the dash seems to have changed a little compared to its predecessors, but when it comes to ticking the important voices of a dri­ving experience, it succeeds in everything that matters most today. The infotainment system is quite intuitive and yet very accurate, with the Harman-Kardon audio system, which adds a few extra Euros to the list price, that offers a very high quality to your favorite playlist, while from the practical point of view you will be per­fectly able to accommodate two people on the rear seats and enough luggage for an outdoor vacation.


But is there some drawbacks or this time BMW has managed to overcome the odds? In fact, this time BMW has been also able to overcome my most optimistic expectations, because if I was expecting and ready for such clear and strong feedbacks, I would never have thought to find such an ease in reaching similar speeds. 4.3 seconds to go from 0 to 100 kph and a top speed electronically limited at 250 per hour do not do justice to the new M4, because what will happen when you’re sitting at the wheel and with your belt looped up, will be something you can really understand ending face to face with the talking cricket of your conscience.

Probably he will ask you to slow down, even sur­prised by the performance of the performance car par excellence, but most likely you would not listen and you will be heavily looking for the very limit of a car that is able to disintegrate a mountain road in the morning, a racing track in the afternoon and accompany you to a luxurious romantic din­ner the same evening, without even the slightest smell coming from the boiling brakes. The only evidence of your darkest side, will be kept under the dress, with your legs still trembling for that hectic race against the laws of physics and logic.

bmw-m4-9BMW M4 COUPE (2017)

Layout: front-engined, rear wheel drive
Engine: 6 cylinder 2.9cc – twin-turbo
Transmission: 7-speed automatic gearbox
Power: 431 hp @ 5.500 rpm 550 Nm @ 1.850 rpm
Weight: 1.560 kg
Acceleration: 4,3 sec.
Top Speed: 250 kph (limit.)
Price: from € 102.735

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