BMW M4 Takes Performance On Its Highest German Heights

For the third episode of the Performance Tour, Gino Luxury & Motorsport has given us the main ingredient for an adrenaline recipe, speed and a driving feeling that has not yet been matched – the new M4 Coupe equipped with DKG is here and waits for me with it shiny black dress, almost as if it wanted to be taken out for dinner, but in fact it is both me and her that we know very well that behind that image that does not scream and does not turn heads of non-car guys, there’s a secret ingredient, that spicy chili pepper that would slowly launch me into an unstoppable sensorial storm. You could solve the matter quickly – a lot – but I’ve always been drawn to those situations where you have to dig deeper into the true meaning of a story and the M4 seems to have come to the right time and in the right place.


A hot sun shines in the sky above me and Gian – the faithful pho­tographer – is in perfect time with microfiber cloths and everything that will make the M4 a beautiful model to be immortalized on a typi­cal drivish road and test drive the work done by BMW supermen. The 19-inch wheels do not do much to hide the generous braking system (also available with carboceramic discs), whi­le the Sakhir Orange leather interior creates a perfect contrast with the shiny black exterior. Aesthetically, the M4, just like all the various M3s before it, does not scream any miracle: its curves are almost identical to those of a nor­mal 4 Series with M Sport package, but the double exhaust tailpipes (two per sides) help to make things happen here.

Although perfectly stock, the suspension give a ground hugging look and unequivocally my thoughts are alrea­dy projecting in the middle of a series of bends and switchbacks -1 can’t wait any longer, I ru­dely break the shooting and sling at the wheel. After adjusting my driving position, I give life to the 3-liter 6-cylinder and move the DKG lever into Drive.


At that point, without even mo­ving a millimeter, I go to customize and select one of the two “M” driving modes (which can then be recalled by two comfortable buttons on the left stroke of the steering), adjusting gearbox, suspension and engine in the most sporty setting, while for the steering I prefer Sport to Sport +, the latter making the wheel unnecessarily heavy and less communicative.

It is finally time to move and I immediately no­tice how the front wheels are a natural exten­sion of my arms – not a long wait and in front of me there are some corners of those that make you thank the hurry that cost your bre­akfast this morning. I bend the M4 head down and begin a descent into the perfect storm: torque is instant, with the 550Nm coming into play at just 1,850 revs and pushing the coupe at speeds I thought unthinkable.

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