BMW M4 Takes Performance On Its Highest German Heights


It happens that sometimes, you’re watching but you are not really able to see. A bit like liste­ning to a Pink Floyd album (yes, this month I’ve listened to them a lot) by compiling the tax paper – what will you end up with? Abso­lutely nothing. Those shades, those little ac­cents and those deeply hidden ribs can only be picked up with a careful look, otherwise you will not even notice ’em, you will miss out on an unspecified number of emotions without being able to go back and ending into the so- called missed opportunities. One thing I’ve always been careful to do is always to put my soul and body in every single action, starting with the simplest ones, until I get to those that concern my passion, my job: driving dre­am cars.

And not always the answer to all of our questions is wearing a supercar-like sha­pe with a big spoiler and a look that snaps to the ground – well almost every time – in some cases it chose to dress with sobriety, winking the eye to a much larger customer segment and possibly wanting to be able to drive these babes even for a simple home-work journey, perhaps crossing the city chaos, or facing va­rious road and weather conditions, without necessarily making the sign of the cross every one hundred meters. The M4 is the latest generation M3, with a new name to emphasize that it is the two-door coupe version, while the iconic M3 badge goes to the 4-door sedan.

M, that M, that single and simple letter that contains so many meanings and a series of nuances – yes, just what I was talking about just a little earlier – still able to transform a few hundred meters of tarmac into something very similar to a close encounter with Mike Tyson.

Who, from time to time, does not need an adrenaline shock? Who of us, and I’m sure we are more than we think, need that so badly, in order to remember that life is only fully lived when crashing the barriers of routine, order, and logic? That being said, I’m sure that at the dawn of the fifth generation, BMW has further shifted the level of engagement to the next le­vel, and not caring if the name has changed I have the task of going to figure out what’s re­ally different in the transition from a V8 to a twin-turbo 6-cylinder that slightly increases its power but promises further performance and drivability. We talk about the M4 as if we were talking about the M3, where the witness has been picked up and carried on with the same pride that featured the Munich’s propeller in the years when they introduced a coupe able to offer true sports cars performance to a tra­ditional family sedan.


Imagine having to leave home the traditional supercar you luckily own, since loading luggage for your vacation would be impossible and then tell me how you’d feel in front of a curved road that does not hesi­tate to play Russian roulette with the points on your driving license.

The goal of the M3 has always been to get you out of this scena­rio, grounding the power needed to attack any strip of asphalt out of the ordinary, then return to wearing the civilian clothes of a comfortable and practical all-rounder. Several years have passed since the legendary E30 (32 to be pre­cise) and many things have changed, not least the downsizing that many feared, and even the transition from turbocharged, well twin- turbocharged after the naturally aspirated of the previous generation. Exactly, so much has changed and with today’s chassis, engines, bra­king systems and onboard comfort, the needs and expectations of customers have changed, but one thing remained the same, the fact that a BMW M, and especially the M3/M4 has to be up to the task avoiding any barriers with concreteness, in typical old Europe style.


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