BMW M4 GTS – The Car That Transforms An Ordinary Driver Into A Pilot

Twenty Three. That’s how many M4 GTS models have been allocated to South Africa and before you’ve had a chance to pore over the specs approvingly, brace yourself for the news that they’ve all been sold.


What was the rush for? M4 GTS is the leanest, orangest and heavily aero-kitted M4 you can legally own without possessing a racing license. Priced at a staggering R2,134 500, the GTS is the one-car solution social track day drivers have been looking for.


No rear seats because that’s where the roll cage goes and even the front ones are slimmed down to a wispy body-hugging size. Aluminium doors tugged close via fabric loops and hollow-spoked rims circling carbon ceramic brakes provide a cornering and stopping combo light enough to juggle.


Throw it on the scale and these tally the weight saving to 100 kilograms. And yet curiously the diet doesn’t strip the car of its navigation system or blind spot monitoring system – presumably to see past the adjustable rear wing.

BMW’s new water injection system and 3.0-litre turbo charged engine nudge power from 317kW to 368kW and a 50Nm increase rounds GTS’ figures to 600Nm. For the first time in M3’s 30 years of production, 0-100km/h in under 4 seconds is worth a page in BMW’s history books.

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