BMW Concept Z4: Please Do It!

Over the years, BMW has accustomed us to an unprecedented series of outstanding concept cars – futuristic lines that often left room for more sober solutions when going into production. The Concept Z4, just like the 8 Series Concept, has been presented at Pebble Beach and, as emphasized by the sources, except for the rear-view mirrors and some details of the cabin, could represent 95% of the actual incoming Z4.

The classic roadster line has been kept and made more sinuous thanks to a combination of lines and edges, while the general perception is to face a true convertible coming from the future. In the passenger compartment, the driver has two displays and a head-up display too with all the instrumentation looking at him – the episode that literally won us is characterized by that big mouth at the front with a shorter hood which therefore offers a more advanced seating position than the previous model and those two air vents that delineate the front bumper, useful to cool the engines that will be fitted on the German two-seater. About this, so far, we do not know much yet, but with such a presence, we are sure that performance will be quite impressive too.

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