Black Swan Superyacht

When you close your eyes and envision the type of life you would like to lead, what immediately comes to mind? To be clear, we’re not referring to that cool 20 megapixel sharp shooter you’ve had your eye on, or that devilishly debonair designer tote bag that would be fun to jet set around with. Let’s all for a brief moment, pause, to think big. Real BIG. Dream life, Richard Branson, own your own island type of big. Now, does your image resemble anything like the Black Swan Superyacht? Now we’re talking. Ours does too.

An idyllic denotation of wealth and opulence, lavish type vessels such as this epitomize the existence of the upper echelon. Imagine, if you will, a modest, yet intimate gathering of your nearest and dearest, as you cruise about the open waters in a craft of this grandeur. If it’s specifics you need, allow us the honor of presenting the Black Swan Superyacht in all of its majestic splendor.

The brainchild of talented designer Timur Bozca, the British-based Turkish artist set out on a mission to redefine experience, style and luxury through this breathtaking build. Its 70-meter construction is forged from sleek black aluminum, while the hull is made from reinforced steel. Shaped like a stealth arrow-like missile, this speed demon resembles something out of a Hollywood flick — the kind of getaway carrier a team of high-priced super villains would be seen fleeing from authorities in. Although sinister in appearance, don’t let its somber semblance fool you into any other thoughts but luxury. Luxury at its finest, mind you.

Optimal for comfort and relaxation, the Black Swan incorporates the finest in accommodations one could hope to find on sea or on land. Capable of hosting up to 12 guests, that in addition to its 18 member staff team, the yacht proves palatial and vast. The interior cabins exude magnificence with their ultra modern earthy tones, further accentuated by the splashes of monochromatic white and black interspersed throughout.

Minimalistic, yet modern, floor-to-ceiling glass enclosures conceal entertainment rooms from the master bedroom and six guest rooms from common walkways, further upping its aesthetic ante. With but a quick tour of this superyacht, one will immediately be taken aback by the sheer volume and quality of its ondeck amenities. A swimming pool and multiple sun decks lie waiting for guests to partake in the beauty of surrounding views, while the extended beach club located on the aft deck hosts a barrage of loungers that remain at the ready.

In talking power, the Black Swan features four engines that can generate an impressive 23,172 horsepower, good for a cruising speed of up to 20 knots with max speeds reaching 28 knots. To keep the enormous engines working, the fuel capacity is a staggering 183,000-liters in addition to the onboard water tank that boasts a 38,600-iiter capacity. Placing you and your loved ones in the lap of luxury, the Black Swan Superyacht is the be-all, end-all of cruising affluence. Whatever your poison happens to be, this astounding vessel is far and away your ticket to the good life.

“It was important for the exterior to use simple lines together with dramatic angles and curves, as I believe that simplicity is an important factor in making a design elegant and clean. Using the powerful image of an arrow as my inspiration. I tried to create an aerodynamic exterior that would give the yacht a distinctive look, while also improving efficiency.”


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