Best for Style Over Space – Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

mercedes-benzWe’re not sure why car designers think “styling” is a dirty word. We asked one once and he suggested we swiftly remove ourselves front the event he was hosting. Our best guess Is that they think it suggests a disregard for the mechanical or practical, that it sells the process or creating something as complex as an automobile short by implying they are concerned only with the superficial – how a car looks, not how it functions when you fill it full of people and things, or whether it complies with any / all of the rules and regulations it’s supposed to. Which is why we suspect Gorden Wagner, Daimler’s head of design, won’t be best pleased to learn we’ve chosen to recognise the C Class Coupe for its “Style Over Space’, because it intimates the C-Class is rubbish at everything that doesn’t involve looking good. This is obviously not the case – the C-Class is a fine car – but it’s the looks that have been singled out here. Style is the point – if you wanted a practical C-Class you could have an estate, saloon or even SUV. You buy the Coupe because it’s stylish, not because of how much bootspace it has, or how many children you can fit in the back. Simply surfaced, elegantly tapered, unassuming and not at all pretentious – the Coupe is just that – stylish. This is the inflated AMG C63 version you see here, but you needn’t spend all that cash, the half-price 220d version is not as fast, but just as pretty. A somewhat attainable S-Class Coupe minus the oligarch spec opulence. And price.

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