Best First Wheels – Volkswagen Up

vw-upYeah, yeah, we all know Volkswagens are sensible cars, and among sensible cars they’re among the most desirable. But there’s a widespread assumption that you pay for that combination. If we’re giving an award for Best First Wheels, surely cost is pretty well paramount? It turns out the littlest Volkswagen is a bit of a winner here too.

Because of two things. First, it has high residual values. Second it’s got a lot of safety equipment so insurance is (relatively) cheap. And if you’re young and it’s your first car, insurance is likely to be the cost. Bigger even than buying the thing.

The chance does exist that you might be able to buy a car more cheaply than the Up. We’ve highlighted the Sandero. Or you might go secondhand. But a used car will be just as expensive to insure as our Up. So you might as well get the car you desire. And the Up is it.

Why you want one. The up doesn’t really feel like a baby car: it’s refined and has supple suspension, and runs true on motorways. But it does have the impish sense of fun of the best small cars. Its distinctive unfussy design is proving beautifully timeless, which helps if you’re getting it on a four-year PCP.


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