Bentley’s First Diesel

In a landmark move by the Crewe-based luxury car maker, Bentley has announced that its first ever diesel powered car will be delivered in the UK early next year. Priced at £135/500, the 429bhp 4.0-litre triple-charged V8 diesel engine develops a mighty 646lb ft of torque and lays claim to being the fastest diesel SUV in the world. It is recognisable thanks to a V8 diesel badge on the lower edge of the front doors, as well as a twin-quad exhaust pipe design and a black grille with chrome surround and central bar. To mark the occasion, Bentley has introduced a new Liquid Amber finish wood veneer for the cabin, with each of the 15 pieces hand selected by Bentley’s well trained craftspeople. With the ability to accelerate to 62mph in just 4.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 168mph, the Bentayga Diesel has a driving range of 1,000 kilometres (621 miles), thanks to an 85-litre fuel tank. CO2 emissions are confirmed as 210g/km, with fuel economy of 35.8mpg quoted for the combined cycle.

Bentley, Bentayga Diesel

As well as stop-start technology, the newcomer features selective catalyst reduction to tackle nitrous oxides. Under the bonnet is a development of Audi’s 4.0-litre V8 engine that is found in the fastest SQ7, featuring sequential twin-scroll turbochargers that are powered by the exhaust gases, and a third electric supercharger that is powered by a 48-volt electrical system. The inclusion of the latter is designed to reduce what is commonly referred to as turbo lag, to deliver seamless power and acceleration off the line. The optional Bentley Dynamic Ride system also makes use of the 48-volt architecture, a world first, and is designed to counter body roll through bends, ensuring a comfortable ride that can respond immediately to changes to the road surface and architecture. The Bentayga Diesel has undergone the most punishing development programme in Bentley’s history, with prototypes tested across five continents. From minus 30 degrees Celsius temperatures in the North Cape to the heat of 50 degrees in the desert, the large SUV has been put through its paces on all surfaces to ensure it can withstand the most extreme circumstances possible.

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