Bentley Bentayga

Despite getting off to a shaky start, Bentley’s bigwigs saw beyond its early lanky and ungainly proportions, and brushed off the initial negative reviews. Five years later, and a more appreciative crowd welcomed the brand as it wheeled out a car that Bentley says will result in a sales boom, and give owners another rung to climb on the ladder.

Lambo, the nearest would-be player with the Urus, is already a point in the negative. And if it sounds like I’m overhyping the Bentayga, consider the success of the Range Rover… then table a proposal of more luxury, higher speeds, and valuable brand cachet.

Built like a vault, the Bentayga storms the path ahead with a purring W12 engine hooked up to a company-first all-wheel drive system that you can get sprayed with mud.


Modes for every scenario churn out an algorithm of power and grip, while if the outside view is nothing more than wilted vegetation, you can turn to Bentley’s interior of crafted veneers, and leather that’s gone through the trouble of being sourced from uncharted parts of the planet.


Then mash these qualities with gizmos that scour the Internet, or play high-definition movies. Staring down an African sunset, or in the midst of volcanic tremors? Slide out the Event Seat, pop a bottle of chilled champagne, and clink that Lanley china safely stored in the boot.


6.0-litre W12 turbocharged


0-100km/h: 4.0 seconds

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