Bentley Bentayga STARTECH

Something tells us that, just as it happened with the Cayenne, the new Bentley SUV will be prey to numerous tuners, ready to put more power under its hood and even more brutality to such a massive look that knows any kind of compromise. Of course looking back at the first concepts, Bentley has clearly improved the overall look of the Bentayga, but if your tastes are asking for something more unique and distinguishable, Startech has unsheathed the first tuning proposal.


Let’s start with the performance segment, where we only find a new type of exhaust, while regarding the engine upgrade, we need to wait a bit. Aesthetically, Startech makeover is distinguishable for new and huge set of 23” wheels and for a whole series of aerodynamic details scattered a bit everywhere and available in carbon fiber, of course.


There is therefore a new front bumper and a new one at the rear, a spoiler on the rear window and a diffuser reminiscent of those we see in F1. After all were facing an light tuning kit that accentuates the sporty mood of this 600hp SUV which has already won the first and wealthy customers’ heart. And now, who’s next?


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